Our Genesis

Our vision is forged by experience

We have worked with so many seniors and families who so often were caught up in the confusion and uncertainty when shopping for a place to live with care and assistance

Our vision was to make it easier by giving shoppers access to direct knowledge and the 24/7 ability to reach the source and act

We also saw the barriers by not having other answers and solutions so we have connect the entire supply chain of businesses serving seniors and families

So, now after you find a place to live, you can find a senior real estate speialist, elder law lawyer, estate seller, packer, mover, investment advisor, and other professionals and specialists right from your Dashboard

It's your senior team for all the facets of your senior life

Leadership Team

Meet the team working behind the screen to make the bridge between
elderly people and the senior living community.

About Us

Your Senior Team is dedicated to empowering seniors, families, and businesses with the knowledge and resources to manage lifestyle, healthcare, and financial stability during retirement and aging. We provide a platform to easily connect with experts and secure a fulfilling retirement experience.
  Helping America’s seniors to make their golden years their best years.

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